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Retirement Plan for Pastors


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We provide financial  support for Pastor’s retirement and undergird the Servant-Leader’s retirement planning. Financial pressures can weigh on personal lives and ministry careers. Many denominations enroll clergy in retirement plans expect churches to contribute toward retirement, and provide strong guidance on salary scales, but some denominations and nondenominational churches often lack this structure. Many pastors are generally not prepared or lack preparation for retirement. Whatever the situation pastors need a retirement plan and need an adequate plan. The call to minister to the lives of individuals, the life of the church and serving the community at large, is a divine call by God to do God’s Will. A call that is crucial to meet the needs of humanity.

Pastors do not go into ministry nor do ministry for the money, but having enough to retire speaks to the Pastor’s financial health and the stewardship of the church and community in which they serve as well as their financial acumen in upholding the leaders that care and serve the community. The call to minister to the lives of individuals, the life of the church and impacting the community is a divine call by God, to do God’s Will. Unlike other callings in the marketplace of ideas, Pastoring God’s people is a work where one is foremost accountable to God in accordance to the destiny and God’s purpose over the lives of individuals.

“Over 70 percent of pastors know pastors that have left the ministry just from the stress of it, either the personal stress or the financial stress, and over one-third have said they themselves have considered leaving the ministry just because it’s too difficult on their family, especially with some of the financial challenges they face,” CT by Megan Fowler, October 1, 2019  Many Pastors are overworked and under-compensated to sustain their family.  Many are often found using personal funds to help carry out the work of ministry.

Many congregants and pastors themselves assume these kinds of budget balancing acts come as part of the job. Just as churches must wrestle with the tension between generosity and being good stewards of the resources God has given, pastors too must work out how to provide adequately for their families while striving to live simply. Studies have shown that not only can financial pressures weigh on their personal lives and ministry careers, in industrialized nations, by contrast to Pastors in developing countries where finances are almost non-existent; the numbers are more than alarming because the means for sustainability are challenging and difficult for day to day living.