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Hidden Halos Kingdom Assets


Rev. Dr. Sophony Lamour, D.D, M.S.J, B.A, B.R.E

Dr. Sophony Lamour, the esteemed Founder and CEO of Hidden Halos Kingdom Assets, Inc., serves as both the visionary leader and founder, dedicated to advancing the organization’s mission and goals. With her forward-thinking perspective, Dr. Lamour leads strategic initiatives and provides visionary leadership for growth and sustainability, shaping the organization’s direction. With a wealth of experience in various roles, including having served as Co-pastor, she brings a unique perspective to her leadership.

From its inception, Dr. Lamour played a pivotal role in establishing Hidden Halos Kingdom Assets, providing the original idea, funding, and resources necessary to bring the organization into existence. Her visionary leadership has been instrumental in setting the organization’s mission, values, and strategic direction, inspiring others with her compelling vision for the future.

Under her guidance, Hidden Halos Kingdom Assets has flourished, developing innovative programs, fostering collaborations, and engaging communities worldwide. Dr. Lamour’s dual roles as both founder and visionary have been integral to the organization’s success, as she continues to inspire and lead with passion and dedication.

Evangelist Dr. Sophony Lamour is an international passionate advocate at heart, known for her sensitivity and love for international work as a steward of God. She serves as the President of Missions with S.G.M and Kingdom Impact Movement (K.I.M), under the leadership of Bishop Dr. Stanley Gorrell. Dr. Lamour is also a member of the Next Dimension Tabernacle International | Community COGIC.

With over 18 years of experience within the United Nations Community, Dr. Lamour worked with the Women’s Division of the General Board of Global Ministries, advocating for global affairs, immigrant, civil, and human rights. She served as the organization’s Alternate Representative to the United Nations and as the Rapporteur for the Ecumenical Working Group/UN Taskforce at the United Nations. Dr. Lamour is fluent in multiple languages, which has aided her in navigating the complexities of international law and diplomacy.

Additionally, Dr. Lamour is an ex-officio and co-founding Board Member of the World Federation of United Nations Association (WFUNA) Chapter for Haiti, known as UNA-Haiti. Committed to fulfilling God’s call for Kingdom Building, she is an author and the visionary founder and CEO of Hidden Halos Kingdom Assets, Inc., as well as the founder of Hidden Halos Inc. Dr. Lamour’s life is guided by the belief that she belongs to God, driven by her purpose to help others sustain viability and pursue divine destiny.


A Tribute to Archbishop Stanley Gorrell: Father, Leader & Mentor

Bishop Stanley Gorrell, affectionately known as “my pastor bishop, my papi,” holds a revered position as the spiritual leader and father in the life of Rev. Dr. Sophony Lamour. Highly respected, tremendously loved, and honored, Bishop Gorrell inspires excellence, educates, and motivates her towards kingdom building within the body of Christ and the marketplace. Serving as her father, spiritual father, and prophetic voice, Bishop Gorrell’s guidance and leadership are regarded with deep trust and esteem. His humble, anointed demeanor, along with his exceptional ministry excellence, patience, wisdom, and compassion, have left an indelible mark on Rev. Dr. Lamour’s life.

Moreover, it’s vital to highlight that Bishop Gorrell played a pivotal role in bringing the vision to life. His unwavering support, mentorship, and encouragement were instrumental in realizing this vision and turning it into a tangible reality. Through his guidance and leadership, Bishop Gorrell breathed life into the vision, nurturing it with care and dedication. This underscores his profound impact as not only a spiritual leader and father figure but also as the catalyst behind the manifestation of this transformative vision.

Board Of Directors

Rev. Dr. Sophony Lamour

Bishop, Dr. Stanley  Gorrell

Sister Mireille Duclervil

Rev. Christopher M. Gorrell

Advisory Board

Bishop Leon Pamphile

Bishop Muhangenu Hichika Ghilain

Ms. Lourdes Rivera-Putz

Ms. Shana Harmongoff

Mr. Albert Gyan

Business Fund & Award Council

The Business Fund and Award Council works in alignment with the Dr. Stanley J. Gorrell Legacy Business & Scholarship Fund.  

  Awards | Scholarship Committee

Sister Stanisha Byrd



Business Grant Committee

 Volunteers Taskforce

Sponsorship Support Team

Meet The Rest Of The Team!

Evangelist Marie Josee François
Vice President Of Operations

Rev. Terrell Brown
Graphic Designer

Pastor Anna Campechano  Advisory Board| Special Taskforce 

Missionary Michelle Briggs   

Sister Saniora Duclervil
Website Developer & Designer

Mr. Jean Jack Duclervil
Management Analyst

Sister Zaara Katalea Gousse 

Honorary Global Youth Ambassador