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Hidden Halos Kingdom Assets


Rev. Dr. Sophony Lamour, D.D, M.S.J, B.A, B.R.E

Evangelist Dr. Sophony Lamour is an international passionate advocate at heart.  Her sensitivity and love for international work as a steward of God has afforded her the manifold blessings of being a corporate blessing within the international community. She is the daughter of Pastor Emeritus Bernadette Lallemand – Lamour.

She currently serves as the President of Missions with S.G.M and Kingdom Impact Movement (K.I.M) under the leadership of the Bishop, Dr. Stanley Gorrell.  She is a member of the Next Dimension Tabernacle International | Community COGIC.

Evangelist Dr. Sophony Lamour worked with the Women’s Division of the General Board of Global Ministries, The United Methodist Church, located at the Church  Center for the United Nations (UN) in the area of advocacy and justice for Global Affairs, Immigrant, Civil and Human Rights on Global, Economic and Environmental Justice; liaising with UN agencies, head of states, diplomats, ecumenical ecclesiastical leaders, and inter-faith leaders, within the United Nations Community. She also served as the organization’s Alternate Representative to the United Nations and as the Rapporteur for the Ecumenical Working Group/UN Taskforce at the United Nations.  Over her 18 years within the United Nations Community she served as a team leader of Ecumenical Women 2000+ for six and a half years, training women from around the globe on how to influence UN processes with member states at the UN. As the Women’s Division transitioned into United Methodist Women, she also continued to work on accreditation compliance through the Economic and Social Council of the UN.  In addition, she later furthered her work with regulations, policies, facilitating advocacy, mobilizing members, as Associate for Global and Environmental Justice with women, children and youth.   She often likes to say that, she speaks four languages and “sometimes English” because the English language can be quite an interesting language in the industry of law, along with the complexities of international law and diplomacy.

Evangelist Dr. Sophony Lamour is an ex-officio and co-founding Board Member of the World Federation of United Nations Association (WFUNA) Chapter for Haiti, known as UNA-Haiti. She can often be heard saying “I am not my own, I belong to God’.  It is within the concept of being a child of God purposed to fulfill her call amongst the nations that she endeavors to fulfill God’s call for Kingdom Building in helping others to sustain viability now and later, while pursuing divine destiny. Evangelist Dr. Lamour is an author and is the visionary, founder and C.E.O. of Hidden Halos Kingdom Assets, Inc. and founder of Hidden Halos Inc.


FROM: The founder & visionary, the Rev. 
Dr. Sophony Lamour

                                                                                      The vision to bring forth this ministry with church leaders, undergirding leaders who uphold our communities was brought to life under the tutelage and mentorship of my spiritual father, the Apostle, the Bishop Dr. Stanley Gorrell, who inspires excellence, educates, and motivates me towards kingdom building within the body of Christ and within the Marketplace.  My spiritual father is the prophetic voice over my life.  A voice I trust, esteem highly and honor.  The way God orchestrated my steps and path under his leadership is amazing and miraculous. It is something that can’t ever be understood with the natural mind and is God ordained.

Bishop Stanley J. Gorrell, “my pastor bishop, my papi” is such a humble, anointed, awesome man of God. I admire his high level of excellence in ministry, and I’m grateful for the anointing over his life, his tutelage, patience, wisdom, and compassion. Most of all, I am grateful for his support, his leadership, and his paternal love and protection. He has been a meaningful encourager in my life, and I trust he obeys God concerning me.

After the passing of my late beloved pastor , I didn’t know how much I would miss his leadership and paternalistic ways in my life. I realize that Bishop Gorrell plays the role that my former pastor once played, and for that, I am truly grateful.

Bishop Stanley Gorrell continuously equips those who are called to serve. As an Apostle in the Lord’s church, Bishop Gorrell also serves as mentor to many Bishops, Apostles, Pastors, Overseers and faith leaders globally.  His endeavors are impactful within the Kingdom of God and for the Kingdom of God, as he develops leaders of leaders and enhances spiritual transformation and development, as well as natural development.  His mentorship program is sought internationally within the faith community.  I am privileged to be amongst his mentees but most of all I am privileged to call him dad and be counted amongst his children.

Board Of Directors

Rev. Dr. Sophony Lamour

Bishop, Dr. Stanley  Gorrell

Sister Mireille Duclervil

Rev. Christopher M. Gorrell

Advisory Board

Bishop Leon Pamphile

Bishop Muhangenu Hichika Ghilain

Ms. Lourdes Rivera-Putz

Ms. Shana Harmongoff

Mr. Albert Gyan

Business Fund & Award Council

The Business Fund and Award Council works in alignment with the Dr. Stanley J. Gorrell Legacy Business & Scholarship Fund.  

  Awards | Scholarship Committee

Sister Stanisha Byrd



Business Grant Committee

 Volunteers Taskforce

Sponsorship Support Team

Meet The Rest Of The Team!

Evangelist Marie Josee François
Vice President Of Operations

Rev. Terrell Brown
Graphic Designer

Pastor Anna Campechano  Advisory Board| Special Taskforce 

Missionary Michelle Briggs   

Sister Saniora Duclervil
Website Developer & Designer

Mr. Jean Jack Duclervil
Management Analyst

Sister Zaara Katalea Gousse 

Honorary Global Youth Ambassador