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K.I.M Missions Field Work Opportunities

Missions e-course Supplement & Field Work

K.I.M Missions field volunteer work are available through our partners and projects, contact us for  current opportunities worldwide.

Field work volunteer opportunity is open to all participants of the e-course.  This K.I.M Missions e-Course and training sessions along with its accompanying books provide training towards your full potential. Zeal without knowledge can cause gifting to short circuit. Serving and training according to knowledge and under the leading of the Holy Spirit is vital to ministry to the fulfillment of the call to destiny.  This is geared to educate a community and body of believers who have been called, chosen to demonstrate God’s love through compassion and care upon the earth by becoming committed to purpose. It includes instructions, and international cultural sensitivity in pursuing God’s purpose. 

Mission education is that great calling with a focus on showing love through action and allowing the love of God to spread through different types of actions, to relieve burdens, provide support in areas of need in people’s lives in communities.  Needs vary from capacity-building to providing humanitarian aid and service.  Missions work is distinguished from humanitarian aid, in such a way that it fulfills God’s call, to serve humanity in the natural sphere and spiritually, by demonstrating acts of love towards our neighbors, that speaks of the gospel of Jesus Christ, so that others may experience God’s love in their personal lives. The spreading of God’s love and hope is a doorway to greater peace with God through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.

Mission education furthers the spreading of awareness of  community building and community work through the churches and outside of the church walls.  The role of the church and church leaders in the community is of great importance as it connects the natural with the spiritual and helps to facilitate purpose and the call of God in people’s lives to a better and greater life. We will explore opportunities for missions’ work.

The God of love, is the God of demonstrative love.  He is Love!  Love gives, God so love that he gave…John 3:16

Matthew 25:36 “I was naked and you clothed Me; I was sick and you visited Me; I was in prison and you came to Me.’

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