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Hidden Halos Kingdom Assets

K.I.M Global Projects

Hidden Halos Kingdom Assets has an international reach and provide support and funding, through K.I.M global projects, for our partners work that serves as a support and a conduit for the work of clergy and church leaders who facilitate community development such as personal development, micro-economics, literacy, equipping and supporting the disadvantaged, providing training and / or religious education and/ or secular education for personal and community sustainability. It is designed to direct the in-country connections between sustainable development, socio-economic empowerment, capacity-building and education.

Our international partners are engaged in saving lives, providing safe housing for vulnerable girls, developing people to become sustainable and effective at all levels of life for a lasting change. We support vocational education, economic empowerment, mobilizing rights to education, right to work and the dignity of the whole person, while preparing the next generation of community leaders towards healthy homes, healthy community and a healthy church. We also provide opportunities for field training in Missions work.

Our resource allocation is based on a wide range of partner relationships. Empowerment is our aim with a holistic approach while ensuring sustainability.

Support our projects, donate to support a project (s) and or apply as a church leader for your international project.  Below are some of our projects, inquire about other projects.

Some of Our K.I.M Global Projects

The Republic Of Haiti

Educational Literacy, Community Development & Medical Mission Work

Functional Literacy Ministry of Haiti is committed to provide, education, healthcare and hope to the poor and needy in Haiti. Currently providing K12 education, daily hot lunches to more than 600 children.

• Provides medical care and health education to monthly.

• Provides adult literacy, reading, writing, and basic math skills to 3,000 individuals yearly.

• Provides Volunteer Residence in Thomassin for individuals traveling to Haiti to work in the rebuilding of the country.

• Provide skill training to Haitians high school graduates based on the needs of their community, to rebuild their communities. Currently hosting Computer Literacy and English Language courses

Provide Medical and Education mission trips twice a year.

South Africa

Rescue Mission | Protecting Children from Violence & Human Trafficking

Provides safe housing for children  and emotional support with counseling, where possible to strengthen and equip the family unit; facilitate safe placement and transition into orphanage or foster care.

Dominican Republic

Assistance for Women Victims

Improving the living conditions of immigrant women and their families through the development of community self-management projects, education, health and disease prevention, environment, human rights, gender equality, etc. providing assistance through job training skills, education, raising awareness of human rights of women who are victims of discrimination, subservience and exploitation.

Promote social and economic development programs for women and contribute to strengthening education for women through bona fide work in the communities.


Community Outreach with services such as clothes drives, feeding and school supplies.